Tracking from Yanwen (YCxxxxxxxxxYW format)

Example of tracking information from Beijing’s Yanwen logistics company to Belgium.

Destination Country-Belgium
2015-03-17 00:00Belgium Arrive at Belgium Airport-(Yanwen’s Track End)
Original Country-Yanwen[YCxxxxxxxxxYW] To China Post Air Mail[YCxxxxxxxxxYW]
2015-03-16 00:00BeiJing Handled by Airline,Flight No. LX197
2015-03-15 00:00Beijing Internationg Mail Center Prepare to Dispatch
2015-03-14 00:00BeiJing Arrived at Beijing Internationg Mail Center
2015-03-14 00:00Beijing Internationg Mail Center Received
2015-03-12 20:00ShenZhen Despatched from ShenZhen Yanwen Sorting Center
2015-03-12 18:00ShenZhen Arrived at ShenZhen Yanwen Sorting Center

Tracking is possible using this direct link:

Replace YCxxxxxxxxxYW with your tracking identification information. Alternatively, you can go to Yanwen’s official website to track your package:


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17 thoughts on “Tracking from Yanwen (YCxxxxxxxxxYW format)

  1. where yanwen delivery in saudi arabia,
    i have 3 tracking numbers since months not data, pls advise what i do.

    1. Hi Ben
      It depends on the country the package is sent to.
      I would advice to wait at least another 10 days. Then, get in touch with the seller to see what options there are (e.g. a refund).

  2. I got this information while tracking my package ” 2015-09-02 18:00ShenZhen Arrived at ShenZhen Yanwen Sorting Center” what do you suggest I do… Destination country Nigeria.

    1. Rias
      in mijn geval ging het om een klein pakketje, in briefformaat. bPost deed dus inderdaad de levering.
      Met grotere pakketten heb ik geen ervaring, maar ik vermoed dat ook hier bPost de leveringen doet.

  3. Hi it’s more than 11 days since the package is in one place do I need to wait more than 30 days or it’s ready for the next destination THANKS

    2016-01-25 20:00 ShenZhenDespatched from ShenZhen Yanwen Sorting Center
    DestinationCountry Macedonia
    Origin Country China
    2016-01-25 20:00 ShenZhen Despatched from ShenZhen Yanwen Sorting Center
    2016-01-25 18:00 ShenZhen Accepted at ShenZhen Yanwen Sorting Center

  4. yanwen tracking info shows it made it to new york on the 24th. and end of tracking. does anyone know what carrier will do the usa part of the delivery and how to track that part of it.

  5. Hallo,

    Al van 28/11/2016 zit er een pakket gestuurd van China “vast” denk ik…

    2016.11.28 12:00 (GMT-7): Arrive at Belgium airport.
    2016.11.28 12:00 (GMT-7): 【Belgium,Belgium】Arrive at Belgium airport.
    2016.11.25 12:00 (GMT-7): Handled by airline,flight No..
    2016.11.25 12:00 (GMT-7): 【China,Internationg Mail Center】Prepare to dispatch.
    2016.11.25 12:00 (GMT-7): 【China】Handled by airline,flight No..
    2016.11.25 00:00 (GMT-7): Prepare to dispatch.
    2016.11.24 20:00 (GMT-7): Prepare to dispatch.
    2016.11.24 12:00 (GMT-7): 【China,Internationg Mail Center】Received.
    2016.11.24 00:00 (GMT-7): Received.
    2016.11.23 22:00 (GMT-7): Accepted.
    2016.11.23 20:00 (GMT-7): Received.
    2016.11.23 20:00 (GMT-7): The post office of electronic information has been received.
    2016.11.23 10:00 (GMT-7): 【China,Internationg Mail Center】Accepted.
    2016.11.23 08:00 (GMT-7): 【China】The post office of electronic information has been received.
    2016.11.23 02:40 (GMT-7): 【china,Shenzhen】Despatched from yanwen sorting center.
    2016.11.23 02:40 (GMT-7): Despatched from yanwen sorting center.
    2016.11.23 02:18 (GMT-7): 【china,Shenzhen】Process completed in yanwen sorting center.
    2016.11.23 02:18 (GMT-7): Process completed in yanwen sorting center.
    2016.11.22 18:59 (GMT-7): Yanwen Acceptance.
    2016.11.22 18:00 (GMT-7): Accepted.
    2016.11.22 16:00 (GMT-7): The post office of electronic information has been received.
    2016.11.22 06:59 (GMT-7): 【china】Yanwen Acceptance.
    2016.11.21 14:59 (GMT-7): Yanwen Acceptance.
    2016.11.19 08:12 (GMT-7): 【china】The item information was created by the seller.
    2016.11.19 08:12 (GMT-7): The item information was created by the seller.
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    Tracking information is updated within 5-10 days. Please track your order here Special Line-YW
    View Delivery Detail

    Wat te doen?
    Al contact met Bpost zaventem gehad, maar ze vinden niets!

  6. Been waiting for parcel from yanwen tracking number YD179479932YW since first day of dispatch 11/01/2017 estimated delivery given was 13/02/2017. No tacking info found with number given. Can you advise please?

  7. Hello, I was given a tracking number of UH279020716TR. Does this mean anything to you?
    My package never arrived in Canada.

    1. Hi Ian

      It appears this package originates from Turkey (because of the last two letters ‘TR’).
      However it seems that the length/format of the tracking code is not unique to 1 carrier, so I can’t help you any further in regards to the status of the package.
      I suppose it is best to contact the sender/seller.

      Good luck!

  8. Dear Thomas,
    Despite the fact that according to the tracking information my packet (PR055012462YP) would have been delivered, I still have not received anything and therefore certainly not signed for receipt. Checking with the neighbors also yielded nothing.
    Can you check where my packet is?
    Aftership advised me to contact Yanwen, but I cannot find a website where I can ask my question and if I do find one I can already guess what their answer will be.
    With best regards.
    Dirk Thomas

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