Remove OneNote app from Windows 10

Windows 10Windows 10 comes pre-installed with quite some modern Apps. One such example is OneNote, the note-taking app from Microsoft.

I like a clean Windows start menu, so I was looking for a way to uninstall OneNote from Windows 10.

First open up PowerShell by going to start. Right click on the application and choose Run as administrator.

Run PowerShell as an administrator

Run PowerShell as an administrator

You now have an PowerShell window with administrator privileges. Now paste this command and press enter:

Get-AppxPackage *OneNote* | Remove-AppxPackage

The OneNote app should now be completely gone from your Windows installation.

Update: I updated the code, so it works with all versions of OneNote, thanks to James Hartig.


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107 thoughts on “Remove OneNote app from Windows 10

  1. Updated version command: (just run Get-AppxPackage *onenote* to get your version)

    Remove-AppxPackage -Confirm -Package Microsoft.Office.OneNote_17.422

    If anyone knows how to remove the “Note” box in the action center, please let me know. (Also it would be great custom add links to other programs and autohotkey scripts to live in that area)

    1. This removes the icon:

      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ActionCenter\Quick Actions\All\SystemSettings_Launcher_QuickNote]


    2. thank you it works!!!

      make sure you check your version first in my case it is

      Remove-AppxPackage -Confirm -Package Microsoft.Office.OneNote_17.6131.10051.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe

      type Get-AppxPackage *onenote* in powershell run in administrator first to get your current version.

  2. Hi!
    Thank you very much for the Trick :)
    I wanted to try it, but first i wanted to ask you something:
    Will this Command remove the preinstalled OneNote App only or the Office Version too? I wanted to keep the Office 2013 Version, because I like it way better and dump the App.
    Powershell asked me if I wanted to remove the whole Office package, so I thought I’d better ask you first.

    Thank very much for your help.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Vips,

      I used “Get-AppxPackage *OneNote* | Remove-AppxPackage” and it only removed the windows version, my Office 2013 OneNote still works like a champ.


  3. Might want to change the example to something like:
    Get-AppxPackage *OneNote* | Remove-AppxPackage

    The full package name was different for me on my recently-updated Windows 10 laptop so some people might have a problem copy/pasting your example.

  4. Hello,

    I removed the one note app, now how can I re-install it with a local account only ?
    I tried your other article “Reinstall default build-in Windows 10 apps”, but this will not re-install the one note app.
    Any help ?

  5. now to remove microsoft edge or find out why its kept open in background and keeping data?
    anyone with info hit me up on twitter

  6. man, I followed your advice and indeed apps removed. HOWEVER, after a reboot all these shXt apps are back! How can I remove them permanently?

  7. Works great, thank you very much! There should be an easier option to uninstall, but I guess they thought that their app is so great that it should be permanently kept. Cheers

  8. Thomas,

    You are a genius!!

    I truly appreciate your Help. Thank you!!

    My OneNote app had stopped working; I wanted to uninstall it and then install it again. It would not let me from the App list itself.

  9. This does not seem to work anymore. The command correctly grabs the app version, but the uninstall is just a farce and the package remains installed.

    1. Yup, I found the same. Maddening to constantly get “best match” start menu results for the shitty metro OneNote app when I’ve got 2013 installed…

    2. I have been working as a computer techician for more then 10 years and never stumbled upon a software related problem this hard to solve. OneNote takes the Surface 2 pro out of sleep mode once every 20-25 seconds. Using the
      Get-AppxPackage *OneNote* | Remove-AppxPackage
      only seem to reset the application so that it prompts for a login agian. I like OneNote as a program, but this is by far the most horrible app microsoft has ever released… It can not be removed?

  10. the “Get-AppxPackage *OneNote* | Remove-AppxPackage” command worked like a charm: it removed the OneNote App, and it didn’t mess with OneNote 2013.

  11. I’m in Windows 10 and it is hung up trying to update OneNote. I tried to uninstall OneNote in Windows powershell, running as an administrator, with the command “Get-AppxPackage *OneNote* | Remove-AppxPackage” and it did not uninstall OneNote. The problem may be the apparent ongoing attempt to update OneNote. Is there a way to stop the updating for OneNote? If not, is there another solution?

  12. No cigar. The app gets uninstalled, only to get automatically reinstalled. Same with other MS bloat- and nag-ware, like Get Office. There is no option to say no thanks, then uninstall the blasted thing.

    1. I’m having the same experience as John – able to uninstall temporarily via the PowerShell command in the article, but at some point it gets silently reinstalled. Not sure if this is happening as a part of routine Windows updates or what, but it’s infuriating.

      Any ideas on how we could opt out of this or prevent it from reinstalling would be much appreciated!

  13. Microsoft is constantly adding apps like onenote that grownups do not want on their computer.

    This app is one more pain in the but that Microsoft forces on all of us.

    I am going to learn to use Linux to escape. I am sick of dealing with “kiddie apps”

  14. This was so simple and easy to do! Thank you so much. I have the full office 2016 suite with the full version of onenote and did not want or need the free app. When I discovered I couldn’t remove it normally I was a little irritated. But it’s gone now! Thanks!

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  16. I have the same issue, I did manage to remove most of the apps with these commands –

    This one will list all the packages / apps –

    DISM /Online /Get-ProvisionedAppxPackages | select-string Packagename

    And this one will allow you to remove the one that you don’t want to keep –

    DISM.exe /Online /Remove-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackageName:

    So, for OneNote it would look like this –

    DISM.exe /Online /Remove-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackageName:Microsoft.Office.OneNote_2015.6568.15581.0_neutral_~_8wekyb3d8bbwe

    However, I am getting an error that says the app is not found when it’s still showing in the results of the 1st command!

  17. Having Windows 10 Home Edition preinstalled on the new laptop and reading that powershell may not work on Windows 10 Home Version, I stumbled by accident on the CCLEANER uninstall features. And there it was, the option to uninstall OneNote, by right clicking and selecting Uninstall. Nothing to loose I gave it a go and OneNote is now gone!!

  18. Awesome! – straight to the point. I installed Office 2016 (from O365) and had two OneNote applications which was causing confusion. This command cleanly pulled off the app-based one and left my Office version intact.


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  21. On my new Surface Pro 4, when I try Get-AppxPackage *OneNote* | Remove-AppxPackage, it reports error: “-AppxPackage : the term ‘-AppxPackage’ is not recognixed as the name of a cmdlet…”

    Does anyone have idea what is going on? I ran as admin in power shell”

  22. I ran this command to try to fix an issue with onenote not copying and pasting properly, but after I ran the command and onenote came back, my latest notes were missing! I logged into onedrive and the notes were’t there. I even made sure onedrive synced before I ran this to make sure it backed it up, but I guess it didn’t… Help please! Is there any way to retrieve those lost notes? This is 2 full days worth of lecture notes!!!

    Running Windows 10 on a Surface 3 Pro

  23. How great was that. I’d been annoyed by having OneNote AND OneNote 2016 (a paid version) side by side. So, wanting to tidy things up – and I tried all sorts of different things to get rid of the generic version. [Why Microsoft haven’t thought to remove this free one as a function of the Office 2016 install I will never understand…..]

    Anyway, glad I found this. Tried it out and it seems to have worked perfectly the first time.

    Many thanks

    1. Search Powershell in the bottom left hand corner search bar and then right click it and press the option run as administrator, then type the code above.

  24. Thank you so much, it woudn’t let me uninstall it and now it’s gone.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Where did you learn this trick?

  25. Thanks for this info! I was able to remove the Windows 10 app of OneNote, but the desktop version of OneNote 2013 remained unchanged, which is exactly what I wanted. I used this command:
    Get-AppxPackage *OneNote* | Remove-AppxPackage
    Thanks again!

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