WordPress text widget missing after site move

I moved a WordPress database over to a new home and apparently, all of my text widgets where missing. This might also happen when you try to edit your WordPress database in PHPMyAdmin (for example, you tried to manually edit a text widget in your database instead of the UI).

To fix this, go to wp-includes/functions.php and change this or comment it out:

function maybe_unserialize( $original ) {
	if ( is_serialized( $original ) ) // don't attempt to unserialize data that wasn't serialized going in
		return @unserialize( $original );
	return $original;

(should be around ling 252)

to this:

function maybe_unserialize( $original ) {
    if ( is_serialized( $original ) ) {
        $fixed = preg_replace_callback(
            $original );
        return @unserialize( $fixed );
    return $original;
function serialize_fix_callback($match) { return 's:' . strlen($match[2]); } 

This code should fix serialized data.


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