YouTube Editor: “Blur Region Contains Checkpoint Outside of its Boundaries”

The YouTube Editor allows you to edit your video after it is uploaded. One of the features that came in handy for me personally is the option to Blur parts of your video: this can be a face, or a custom blur region. Blurring is often applied to protect the privacy of yourself or others, so it is certainly something to consider.

On one of my videos, I saw a red error message after adding some blurring into my video:

Blur region contains checkpoint outside of its boundaries.

I already put quite some time into adding the blur and other changes, that I wanted to solve the warning message. Because the warning message also prevented me from saving the changes.

Solution 1: Ensure there is no blurring outside of the video

The blurring that you apply should remain inside of the borders of the video. If the blurring is outside of your video, even partially, YouTube could give you this error message in the Editor tool.

Try to check this solution and drag the blurred area inside of your video.

Solution 2: The blurred parts should not overlap

The second thing you could check is actually to verify you are not violating the limitation of the YouTube Editor. You cannot add two blurred areas at the same time within the same video. In other words; only 1 single blur can exist at the same time.

The best way to see if you are overlapping the blurring, is to check the begin and end time of your blurs. If you have 2 blurs, the second blur can not start at the same time or earlier than the first blur.

  • Example 1: blur 1 stops at 15:12 and the second starts at 15:12. This will not work, you must change the start time of the second blur to 15:13 instead
  • Example 2: blur 1 starts at 00:00 and is active during your whole video. The second blur is from 33:44 until 37:15. This will also not work, because there are two blurs at the same time, which does not work (this is a limitation of the Editor)


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