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This tool allows you to calculate the extra fees that are being charged by the Belgium customs when ordering packages online outside of the European Union. Espcially when an order is being placed via an online website in China or the US, it is not always clear what the import duty and custom clearance fees are that need to be paid. Keep in mind that packages that orgininate from inside of the EU are exempt from extra duties. This tool merely gives an indicative cost.

I wrote a blogpost about the procedure that needs to be followed when ordering a package from the United States. It can take up to a couple of weeks for your package to be processed by the Belgian customs. However, you can speed up that process yourself; read more about the how on my blog "Pakket van USA naar België verzenden: de douane".

(in euro)

(in euro)

About this tool

Via this tool, you can get a good estimation of the extra costs that are associated with sending packages internationally. Only use this tool as an indication, this tool does not promise to give the exact costs that will be charged but only an estimation.

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Over de auteur

Thomas is a student Applied Informatics was and confused by the extra fees charged by customs on international packages. This tool provides a (good) estimation what additional costs you can expect for international packages sent to Belgium.

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